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Spam Policy

I Agree and understand that I will be receiving Gain On news and updates which includes the following: I give my express consent to the publisher(s) of Gain On to send me the Gain On's publication and commercial emails at my subscribed address.

These commercial messages may include, but are not limited to, in-house commercial advertising from the publisher(s) of Gain On and third party advertising by the publisher(s) customers, subscribers, partners or others.

These messages may be in any digital format, including all issues of Gain On, notices, updates, special messages, solo ads or other electronic messages.

I also understand and accept that any and all commercial messages that are sent to me by the publisher(s) of Gain On is not an endorsement by the publisher(s) of the advertised product, service, opportunity or offer unless otherwise stated.

I understand that Gain On will not give out my name or email address out to any third party companies.

I also understand that I will be able to unsubscribe at any time using the link that appears at the bottom of every mailing. should it not be there, through programming error, I can email Gain On directly and ask to be manually removed from our publication.

I understand that I must first unsubscribe my self using the link prior to sending the manual removal request.

I understand that Gain On is Family Friendly and that I am of an age to make the correct decision to subscribe to the news and updates.

Website Spam Policy

The marketing of Gain On is strictly prohibited if done through the transmission of unsolicited bulk email (UBE). In other words, the bulk emailing must be pursuant to a prior business relationship with the e-mail recipient, including but not limited to having obtained their e-mail address through a verifiable opt-in procedure.

We also strictly prohibit marketing of Gain On by the transmission of e-mail that makes use of or contains invalid or forged headers, invalid or non-existent domain names or other means of deceptive addressing (counterfeit e-mail).

We also strictly prohibit marketing of Gain On by the transmission of e-mail that is relayed from any third party's mail servers without the permission of that third party, or which employs similar techniques to hide or obscure the source of the e-mail. The transmission of
unsolicited bulk e-mail, including the transmission of counterfeit e-mail, may result in civil and criminal penalties against the sender under applicable federal and/or state law.

We do NOT authorize the harvesting or collection of screen names from any ISP service (for example, AOL) for the purpose of sending unsolicited e-mail, and will terminate without pay any marketing affiliate determined to have transmitted bulk emails advertising any website's marketed
through this Program to lists gathered by such methods.

Unsolicited Commercial Email: Unsolicited commercial email must not be sent.

Commercial Email: Commercial email must not be sent to an individual's e-mail address unless one of the following situations exists:

There is an existing business relationship; or Prior informed consent of the individual has been obtained.

Content of Commercial Email: Every commercial email must include an opportunity for the recipient to unsubscribe from receiving such email in the future. Such requests to unsubscribe must be processed promptly and the recipient should be informed of the length of time required for

Commercial email must not include "from address" fields, subject lines and message bodies that are misleading, false, or deceptive. Subject lines must not mislead as to the content and purpose of the message.

Gathering of Email Addresses: Email addresses must not be gathered through surreptitious methods (e.g., scraping or harvesting).