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About Gain On Deals

The Gain On Deals idea was born during the month of November 2011; the company founder saw the need on struggling merchants trying to sell more of what they could, as we were approaching to the biggest sale season of the year.

The uncertain global economy had impacted every business making impossible to reach their selling quotas and sustainability, wishing only for the best to continue in business and not to be force to close down.

In addition, it was very uncommon seeing many consumers using coupons in the supermarket store, and other retailers like never before; coupons and deals over the internet was growing unimaginably, while others were trying to negotiate with merchants kiosks over the mall to obtain the best for their monies worth, was something very normal and repeatedly usual to see… That caught the founders’ attention.

Impacted by these scenarios, decided to create a formula where the need will meet their source, and have the source be prepared to meet its opportunity.

Gain on Deals will help all merchants and retailers within their local communities meet their local consumers; create a relationship of trust and loyalty within them, while having fun interacting with their contacts; allowing them the advantage of savings on rebates, discounts and special deals.

A total winning situation, local merchants will increase massively their sales, while in the other hand consumers and consumer referrals will get the chance to buy their products and services from businesses and providers around their neighborhoods at discounted prices.

We are not in the business of selling coupons or deals. We are discount match makers, and we are leading consumers where the discounts are offered within their neighborhoods.

We want to partner with all retail merchants possible; help them connect with their local consumers, create fun when shopping and to obtain the advantage of their great offers while making them their favorite merchant within their area of living. That is our mission!